Children's Classes (Ages 3-11)
The Children's Division at Motion41
Dance provides a nurturing atmosphere
for the growth of our youngest students.  
They will flourish under our
knowledgeable faculty and our well
rounded curriculum.  Scroll down for
more information on classes, tuition,
and more...

Creative Movement (3-4 year olds)
Movement, music, and imagination unite in this class for budding dancers!

Kinderdance (5 year olds)
Kinderdance provides an enrichment of motor skills, dance, and coordination through ballet and tap.

Ballet Level I (Sections A & B; 6-8 years of age)
Ballet Level 1 is a continuation of the student's early education in more structured environment.

Ballet Level II (9-12 years of age)
This dance class is a continued study of traditional ballet technique, the foundation of all dance.

Ballet Level III
Ballet Level III furthers the dancer's progression through ballet technique and prepares them for Teen Division ballet classes.

Pointe I & II
The beginning fundamentals of dancing on "toe" (placement by instructors)

Junior Jazz I & II & III (6-12 years of age)
These fun classes explore the jazz vocabulary and technique for the young dancer.

Tap  I, II & III  (6-12  years of age)
These classes offer the technique of rhythmic footwork.

Junior Lyrical (8-12  years of age)
Lyrical class explores the emotions of music and interprets the movement through ballet and jazz technique.

Hip-Hop  (open class)
Hip-Hip is an introduction to this trendy dance style with age appropriate movement and music.

Junior Irish (8-12  years of age)
This class teaches the basics of Irish dance to our littlest leprechauns.

Dance  Focus I
A class for students to work on turns and leaps required for dance teams.

Jr. Open Contemporary/Modern
An introduction to the movement quality and framework of modern dance.

Junior Repertory Ensemble (8-12  years of age)
Junior Repertory Ensemble is a performing group for dancers ages 8-11.  This talented ensemble is a collaboration between Motion41
e and Ballet Nebraska.  Jr. Repertory Ensemble dancers will develop their technique and performing skills while executing exiting
choreography.  Participation is by audition only.  For information on auditions, tuition rates, and more,                    .

Dance Force Tinies, Petites, and Jr. Dance Force Competition Teams
Motion41's premier competition teams for dancers ages 5-12.  Participation by audition only.  See the Dance Force page on our website
for tuition rates and more details.
Payments for Children's Division classes are due on the 1st of each month.   Motion41 Dance is
also now offering Auto Pay, so that payments can be made automatically through your debit or
credit card on the first of each month.  The tables below explain rates and multi-family member
30 minute class
45 minute class
1 hour class
1 hour 15 minute class
90 minute class
  30 minute class
45 minute
1 hour class
1 hour 15
minute class
90 minute class
2nd Child In
3rd Child In
Family (or more)

- 10% off tuition for students taking 3 or more classes per week
- 20% off tuition for students taking 6 or more classes per week

- Dancers paying for a full year of classes at registration
- College students with a valid college ID

Only one discount per student.  Cannot combine discounts.

For ballet classes, Creative Movement, PreSchool Dance, and Kinderdance:  
Long hair must be neatly secured into a bun.  
For all other classes: hair may be worn in a secure  bun or ponytail.  Any bangs extending                       
        past the eyebrows must be pinned back out of the face.


All Classes in the Children's Division (except those listed below) wear a uniform exclusively                   
available to Motion41 Dance students.  Determine sizing and get more information at the Front              

Jr. Repertory Ensemble:  Any color leotard and pink or black tights.  Jazz shoes or jazz oxfords as well
as pink ballet slippers will be needed.
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